What does it mean to lead teenagers well?

There are many things competing to fill our lives with content. As we face an endless stream of ideas and initiatives, we can wonder what to do when it comes to youth ministry.

National Leaders Conference is an opportunity for youth leadership teams to be encouraged and equipped in Christ-centred youth ministry. Mike McGarry will join us via livestream to speak from Hebrews and encourage us to Hold Fast to Jesus. He’ll also take us through a practical seminar ‘Is the Gospel Enough?’ to think about how we shape our ministries to high-schoolers.

The conference will be run in hubs around the country. In each hub, you’ll also be able to spend time with other leadership teams in your area as well as have in-person workshops.

No matter your experience in youth ministry, you and your team are invited to share in Bible teaching and training that focuses on discipling teenagers, as they meet Christ and grow in Him.

National Leaders Conference is an initiative supported by the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Training and Discipleship Committee.


Cost is $35. Hubs open from 8:00am, program will commence at 9:00am. Please allow time to check into your venue and confirm your registration. For information about other hubs in Australia please go to PYNSW


Living Church (Carina)
1541 Creek Rd, Carina

Hub Information: Kate Mitchell 0419 110 130

BYO Lunch or arrange meal with your group.

James Jensen – Connecting With Teenagers: Discipleship For the Long Run
Peter Kutuzov – Listen Up: Helping Teenagers Feel Heard


Dalby Presbyterian
Patrick St, Dalby

Hub Information: Joshua Dodd 0421 799 420

BYO Lunch or arrange meal with your group. Coffee provided.

Joshua Dodd – The Unbusy Youth Leader

Together we’ll unpack ‘busyness’ and what this means for youth ministry. To quote Eugene Peterson: ‘I know it takes time to develop a life of prayer: set-aside, disciplined, deliberate time. It isn’t accomplished on the run… I know I can’t be busy and pray at the same time. I can be active and pray. I can work and pray; but I cannot be busy and pray. I cannot be inwardly rushed, distracted or dispersed. In order to pray I have to be paying more attention to God than to what people are saying to me; to God than to my clamouring ego. Usually, for that to happen there must be a deliberate withdrawal from the noise of the day, a disciplined detachment from the insatiable self.’


Rockhampton Presbyterian
51 Denham St, Rockhampton

Hub Information: Matt Stewart 0402 637 765

BYO Lunch or arrange meal with your group.

Matt Stewart – TBC


Cairns Presbyterian
87 Sheridan St, Cairns City

Hub Information: Thom Herbert 0409 693 655

BYO Lunch or arrange meal with your group.

Thom Herbert – Equipping Youth For The Long Haul

This workshop will help us focus on modelling discipleship well, in order to have a lasting impact as teenagers move into young adulthood.

About Mike McGarry

Mike McGarry is the Youth Pastor of Southshore Baptist in Hingham, Massachusetts and is passionate about translating sound doctrine for the next generation. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in “Ministry to Emerging Generations” from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Mike is the author of ‘A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry’ and ‘Lead Them to Jesus’, and was a contributor to ‘Gospel-Centred Youth Ministry’ and is a regular contributor to the Rooted Ministry.


8:00       Hubs open
9:00       Session One: Bible Talk
               “Hold Fast” Mike McGarry
10:30     Morning Tea
11:00      Session Two: Seminar
                “Is The Gospel Enough?” Mike McGarry
12:00      Q&A With Speaker
12:30      Lunch
1:30        Workshop
3:00        Team Time
4:00        Session Three
4:30        Home