Come join us in Brisbane for a Children’s Ministry training morning – available for leaders and parents. Children are a valuable part of our church families, and ‘Growing Together’ is an opportunity to be reminded of the importance of your leadership role as well as skills to help you as you disciple young hearts. Whether you are a leader or parent, there will be something for you.

Saturday 26 July 2025 – 9am-12:30pm (doors open from 8:30am)
Southside Presbyterian

Cost $25pp // $20 for high school age (includes morning tea)


Helping kids know themselves truly in Christ

Helping kids know themselves truly in Christ

Ideas about identity are part of our kids’ everyday reality. 

What exactly does ‘identity’ mean in our culture? And what is a gospel-shaped view of identity? 

In this main session, we’ll think about ways to help our kids know themselves —and love others — according to God’s good and liberating Word. 

Robyn is mum to two precious teens, loves talking about biblical ethics with her husband, Andrew, at QTC, and also loves being part of the GiST team (Gospel in Society Today) and the GROW Women’s Conference.


How Bring A Bible Story Back to Jesus
Fiona Millar + Ben Carruthers


Fiona teaches children’s ministry at QTC and Ben is a student minister at Ann St Presbyterian.

Behaviour Management
Peter Wilkinson

This elective will help us understand the gospel at the heart of shaping the behvaiour of our children in a group learning context.

Peter is an Education Lecturer at Christian Heritage College.

Picking Activities For Your Kids
Libby Haswell

Considering engaging and skill appropriate activities from a developmental perspective.


Libby works with PYK in Ministry Support.

Empowering Parents, Nurturing Faith
Heather Pieris

Making Bible Reading with kids a fun and meaningful habit

Heather is the children’s ministry coordinator at Graceville Presbyterian.

Supporting Kids with ADHD and ASD 
Katharine Yock

Thinking theologically and practically about  teaching the gospel in a kids program to neurodiverse kids.

Katharine is an advocate for including neurodivergent kids in our church communities and programs.

Foundations of Children’s Ministry
Kate Mitchell

This elective will help us think through some of our core convictions when we consider ministry to children – whether in a ministry program or at home.

Kate works with PYK in Ministry Support

Teaching Under 5’s
Sally Milne + Jacinta Schulz

Things for leaders to think through when planning a lesson for children under 5, with a particular focus on 3-5 year olds

Sally and Jacinta assist with the children’s ministry at Southside Presbyterian.

Growing as Leaders (For Teenagers)
Danny Mitchell

Helping teenagers consider how they can help younger kids to know and follow Jesus, and grow in the character, convictions and competencies of a leader.

Danny works as the Next Gen pastor at Ann St Presbyterian.

Leading the Leaders
Petrina Enchelmaier

Encouragement, support and connection for those with responsibility for children’s ministry in their church. (For Kids Ministry Coordinators)

Petrina is the children’s ministry coordinator at Soutside Presbyterian.

Doors open
9:00am Main Session
10:15am Morning Tea
10:45am Elective One (45mins)
11:30am Break (5mins)
11:35am Elective Two
12:20pm Closing Session
12:30pm Leave for Optional Team Time