The Leader Of Leaders Conference is an annual gathering of Youth & Kids Ministry Workers from around Queensland and beyond who are leading these ministries. There is input from speakers, as well as an opportunity to share ministry challenges and encouragements.


17-18 October 2023


Camp Tamborine


Al James - Youthworks Consultant
"Retention in Kids & Youth Ministry"


$90 overnight (includes accomodation & meals - except Wed lunch)
$45 day trip (includes morning tea + lunch)

Al James will be facilitating some discussion on his recent area of research relating to the retention of young people in our churches. He writes:


“We rightly put a lot of time and effort into mission and evangelism. But in the Post Christian West, the growing problem has been a large drop off from faith in young people after their teenage years. The way I see it, if the reason we care about mission in Youth and Kids Ministry is because we want young people to know Jesus, then the same motivation calls us to understand why young people seem to drift from faith after high school. It’s the other end of mission.


That’s why I’m researching the practices in church and youth associated with faith retention in young people. Utilising NCLS data outlining the church attendance patters of young people who’ve finished high school, we’ll look into the practices of the churches with a higher number of those young people still actively attending a Christian gathering.”


About Al James:
Al James is a Youth Ministry Advisor with Youthworks, where he meets with youth and kids ministers to help them think through, plan and implement all things to do with effective ministry with young people. As part of his role, he’s currently undertaking research into faith retention post high school. Al is married to Susie and has 4 kids ranging in age from 5-14. They are at church at Norwest Anglican in Sydney.




Please also come ready to hear and share some of the things that have been encouraging and challenging in ministry now and in the future.


Tuesday 17 October
10am – Devotion + First Session with Al James
11:15am – Morning Tea
11:45am – Facilitated Discussion with Al James
1pm Lunch
2:30pm Free time + Day visitors to catch up with Al James(optional) + Conversation groups  (optional – TBC youth, kids, child safety)
6pm Dinner
7pm Ministry reflection + Prayer
Wednesday 18 October
8:30am Devotion + Second Session with Al James
10:30am – Morning Tea
11am – Group Discussion ‘What Next’ + Prayer
12:30pm Lunch (out) + Wrap Up
(off site by 1pm)

What's It All About Anyway

  • To connect leaders together who are heading up  similar kinds of ministry. This helps to create networks of support, both personal and in sharing resources and wisdom, which we pray will promote longevity in their leadership roles.
  • To refresh those attending and encourage them as they continue in their ministries.
  • To provide some bible-based content that is relevant, and stimulating for those attending. The goal is to encourage meaningful engagement and reflection, without ‘overloading’ attendees.
  • To provide time for conversations between the leaders where they can share their experiences. As they listen and discuss, it enables them to reflect and refine their own ministries.