Welcome to the start of something awesome!

20-24 November 2023
Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island
Cost: $560
Speaker: Simon Allery

What you need to do right now:
1. Double-check we’ve received your payment so you can look forward to enjoying Schoolies.
2. Arrange to be at the Cleveland ferry terminal before 8:15AM on Monday.
3. Prepare for the best week hanging out with excellent people, enjoying awesome activities & inspiring bible sessions.
4. Arrange to get collected at the Cleveland ferry terminal around 4:45PM on Friday.

The Longer and More Detailed Version

Get ready for a great time

Throughout the week of Jumpstart Schoolies you can choose from fantastic activities, things like surfing, paddle-boarding, jet-ski rides, snorkelling, 4WD adventures, etc. Your camp fees cover these activities, but other things like golfing, sand-boarding and sea kayaking will cost you $60+ per session. Plus there’s a great cafe and tasty gelato just down the road from where we’re staying, so bring some money to get your daily dose.

Jesus is part of Schoolies

Jumpstart Schoolies is openly and unashamedly a Christian event, and we reckon it’s even better fun because of that! Every day there’ll be a short session where you get to hear what God has to say about life, and you get to ask any questions you’d like. These sessions are a highlight of Jumpstart and are definitely not just for those who go to church. So bring a Bible, or get one on your phone, and get ready to be encouraged and challenged in understanding more about who Jesus is and what he means for your life.


The full amount is $560. If you have an outstanding amount to be paid please go to pyk.org.au/payments/ and pay it in full ASAP. But please contact me asap if there are any issues with finances.


Please be waiting near the Departure Lounge Café next to the Stradbroke Ferries terminal vehicle line up no later than 8:15 am on Monday. We’re catching the 9:00am ferry from the terminal at 3 Emmett Dr, Cleveland QLD 4163. Free car parking is available beside the Ferry Terminal facilities.

If you’re unsure about how to get to Cleveland by 8.15am that morning, we may be able to provide transport from a few Brisbane locations. Or we may be able to arrange overnight accommodation on Sunday with a Brisbane family who can then transport you there. Please contact me and I’ll see if we can help out. And if you’ve already contacted me about transport or accommodation please email me to confirm arrangements. 


We’ll be catching the 4:00pm ferry from Dunwich, North Stradbroke on Friday. This arrives in Cleveland around 4:45-5:00pm, unless there’s some drama on the high seas!

We can provide transport to the Brisbane airport, but only for flights later than 7:30pm.

What to bring
Transport space is at a premium, so pack light. But don’t forget:

• Bible or bible app
• towels
• toiletries
• pillow
• sheets and light blanket
• swimmers
• casual clothes for the 5 days
• spending money of $150-$200.

The spending money is for things like coffee, gelato, mango smoothies, snacks, etc … say $10/day, Op Shop $10, Pay-as-you-go activities around $50+ each.

Pack all your gear into one or two bags you can easily carry onto the ferry or water taxi (e.g. bring a bag with wheels or a couple of small back packs).

You may be able to bring fishing/surfing gear but please check with me first to see if we have room to transport your gear!

The Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Clubhouse is the most eastern accommodation in Queensland. We’re right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Some Schoolies have seen whales and dolphins just by looking out their window! It’s a beautiful place and the best spot to unwind after surviving 12 years of school.

It’s dormitory style accommodation, so if you snore bring enough ear-plugs for everyone!

Guidelines & Boundaries*
Some of theses are Point Lookout SLSC rules, and some are Jumpstart Schoolies commandments.

1. There’s plenty of free time every day, but there’re also group activities each day that you’re expected to participate in, like lunch and dinner and the Bible talks and discussion times. Be part of things!

2. There’s a “lights out” around 12:30am. Sounds crazy early, hey?! But from experience over the years, this time works best so you, and everyone else, can get some sleep and enjoy the next day.

3. No girls in the blokes dorms, and no blokes in the girls dorms. Simple. This is a Clubhouse rule, but it’s also one of ours. Just so expectations are clear; offenders may be “rewarded” with a one-way ticket back to Cleveland and an end to their time on Schoolies.

4. No soppy romancing. This doesn’t mean that you’re segregated for the week, but just be a little considerate. It’s a real downer when people pair-up and are starry-eyed at each other all week, because then they tend to exclude everybody else. And people miss out on a great opportunity to meet new friends. So please be self-aware. If your boyfriend/girlfriend happens to be attending, then we simply ask that you dial back your romance for a week and have a great time hanging out together with everyone else.

5. The Clubhouse has a no visitors rule, which means that if you have friends from school on the island, there is no provision for them to visit or to stay for meals. This is for insurance and safety reasons. We also ask that during the week you don’t wander off to your friend’s apartments if they’re staying on the island. If however there’s a special family situation, and your folks organise it with me, then we can certainly work something out.

6. Strictly no tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, etc allowed. This is a Clubhouse rule and also one of ours.

7. Technology. If you bring your mobile phone or any electronic gear, then please use it responsibly and sparingly. You also need to remember that you bring them at your own risk. We’ve never had anything stolen in nearly 30 years but we can’t guarantee this.

We’ll be posting info, updates and photos on our Schoolies Facebook page during and after Schoolies, so head there now and like the page!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Look forward to seeing you at Jumpstart Schoolies!